The Blank Canvas

Blank CanvasHow do you prep your skin for all of that lovely make-up? Most blogs focus on the beauty that goes on after your skincare routine, but I’m interested in the blank canvas.  It may seem simple, but it can be as simple or as complicated as your needs are or as you want it to be.  Here is what my definition of a “basic routine” includes:

  • Cleanser
  • Toner
  • Eye cream
  • Moisturizer a.m. Night Cream/Serum/Oil p.m.

As an aesthetician I was always surprised at how many people did not have a skincare routine at all and simply used bar soap (insert Home Alone shocked face here).  Not to disparage my soap bar users, but I think you’re ready for an upgrade.  If you’re already taking the time to use something it might as well be as beneficial and gentle to your skin as possible.  Bar soaps whether body bars or ones created for all over, including face, are going to be more drying than cleansers that are formulated for face washing.  Facial cleansers are created specifically for the needs and sensitivity of your skin. Once you know your skin type it’s very easy to figure out which type of cleanser is best for you, i.e gel, cleansing milk, oil or foam.

After that you move on to a very important product in your cleansing routine-toner.  A lot of people overlook this item, but I promise you, it’s well worth adding in to your routine if you’re not using it already.  A toner replaces the ph balance of your skin after you have washed it.  Why is this important? There is a very fine balance of oil/water on the skin.  When in balance, it protects your skin from germs, bacteria, pollution and all kinds of evil perpetrators.  

You’re not using eye cream, you just use your moisturizer all over? Oh no, say it isn’t so.  The area around your eyes and your neck are the first to show signs of aging.  The reason is because these areas have the thinnest skin.  Eye creams are formulated specifically for the eye area.  The molecular structure of the eye cream is designed specifically to penetrate the area around the eye as opposed to a moisturizer you use on your face which has a larger molecular structure and won’t penetrate the delicate eye area (boy did this get nerdy quick).

I can write an entire separate post about moisturizers, tons of posts, so we’ll get into the rainbow spectrum of moisturizers as we go along.  For the purposes of this post I’ll keep it simple-moisturizer, use it.

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