What’s In My Cabinet

My skincare routine is always changing with the occasional can’t-live-without-staples or tried-and-trues that come back into rotation.  It always contains my skincare basics: cleanser, toner, eye cream and moisturizer.  I like to use one cleanser in the morning and a different one for at night. In the morning I want a gentle cleanse since I’m not removing layers of make-up like I am at night.

I always start off with removing my eye make-up.  I use a generic store brand remover.  I have tried the expensive eye make up removers and at the end of the day they all did the same thing for me.  I always try to find places where it’s worth it to splurge and others where it’s not, eye make-up remover is a not for me.

DSC_0004I like to cleanse with something that has a little exfoliation to it.  If my skin is flaring up with breakouts I will use one of my “tried and trues” Proactiv Solution Original Renewing Cleanser 4 oz.  This has worked for me since my early twenties when I first started experiencing cystic acne.  I think it’s a great product for oily and active skin.  I don’t always use this on a regular basis.  I use it only when my skin is acting up.  Toner is essential to me, and I also use another “tried and true” Proactiv Revitalizing Toner – 4 oz.  This I use everyday a.m. and p.m. The reason I continue to come back to this toner is 1.) it doesn’t contain alcohol (no stinging)  2.) the second ingredient is glycolic acid.  Glycolic acid breaks down any lipids holding dead skin cells together on the skin which is important if you are prone to breakouts.  It lessens the chances of clogging your pores with any dirt and bacteria.

DSC_0010For my day time eye cream I use Philosophy hope in a tube high density eye and lip firming cream.  I love this eye cream and have come back to it a few times now because of the consistency.  It’s on the thicker side, which I prefer, because it helps my concealer lay on smoothly without settling into the fine lines around my eyes.  It also lasts me quite a while.  The added benefit to this cream is also that is a lip cream, so whatever excess I have left over on my finger I just tap around my mouth.  This is a great preventative measure for lip feathering that happens as you get older.

For my night time eye cream I use Ole Henriksen Ultimate Lift Eye Gel.  This was my first time trying an eye cream from Ole Henriksen and also my first gel.  It gives a little tightening effect to the eye area so it reduces any puffiness you might experience and also made the skin around my eyes feel more taut.  I would absolutely come back to this eye gel again for future use.

Moisturizers are the heavy hitter of your skincare arsenal.  They are going to be the most protective, restorative, moisturizing, hydrating and reach down to the deepest level of your skin.  There are so many out there to treat your skin in so many different ways.  DSC_0008Right now I’m using Fresh Youth Preserve Face Cream.  I was hesitant to try the brand Fresh because I thought it was all just a name without quality ingredients in their products.  So far I am happy with the moisturizer and I liked that I could purchase the smaller 0.5 oz. size to try it in a fuller capacity than I can with a small sample.  I look forward to trying more of their products.  Have you used anything from Fresh? What do you like about it?

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