The Vicious Cycle-Cuticle Nippers

The curse of the cuticle nippers.  When you use them your cuticles feel great and look perfect and then a few days later they’re tough with little edges that are catching on your clothes.  You reach for the cuticle nippers and then perfection again.  You continue in this vicious cycle thinking that each time will be the last and you will finally have perfect cuticles.  Of course, that will never happen.  Our cuticles are there for a reason, they keep our nail bed healthy.

The only way to get the cuticles you want is to stop nipping them off.

Do yourself a favor, put the nippers down and pick yourself up a few orange sticks and some cuticle oil.  I’m not saying that nippers don’t have their place in your beauty arsenal because they do.  What happens when you use them defeats the purpose of what you are trying to get in the first place.  Every time you nip your cuticles you create a callus and in turn you get cuticles that will become dry and brittle with little edges that catch on all things material.  Then once they catch they pull and the process starts all over again.  If you treat your cuticles gently and soften them with cuticle oil and push them back with an orange stick they will treat you nicely in return.  Give it a try, break the cycle, what is the worst that can happen? You’ll have nice cuticles?

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