Thirsty Skin

I was peering into the bathroom mirror at work under horrendous lighting (BIG mistake) and thought my skin looked very thirsty.  This would be justified if I was in an airplane, but the third floor is hardly 30,000 feet off the ground.  I know this isn’t my moisturizers fault.  This comes down to hydration.  My skin needs to be quenched so those lines on my forehead don’t gape at me with a look of victory.

This immediately led me to adding a new hydrating product to my arsenal. I wanted something with a spray that I could put on before my moisturizer and perhaps also use throughout the day. Between the heat in you car and at work your skin is constantly exposed to drying climates in the winter.  Before you start blaming your moisturizer, look for what you might not be getting from it.  Like I said here, there is a difference between moisturized and hydrated.

I ended up choosing Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist.  Rosewater has been used since ancient times, whether it’s religiously, medicinally or cosmetically in perfume.  To me Rosewater had this antiquated association, like something your grandmother would use along with her cold cream, which is why I always passed it over.  I should have known that anything that has been in use for that long has been for a reason.  I’ve used it for a week now twice a day in the a.m. and p.m. and noticed it’s done it’s job.  It’s not as deeply hydrating as I’d like, but I would consider swapping out my current toner for this one.  And the added scent of roses isn’t bad either.

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