Waste Not, Want Not

DSC_0004You spend a lot of money on your products, why not get the most out of them? Originally, this started as a lesson we were taught in aesthetics school to be a more valuable employee.  Save your spa owner money and they’ll have more to pay you.  But it’s transitioned over to an invaluable tip I also use at home for my own products.

Nail Polish

DSC_0007Ever wonder why the consistency of your nail polish turns gooey? Whenever you use it and you don’t clean the bottle with polish remover you’re breaking the seal that keeps the air out of your bottle.  When you put the polish back together after use without cleaning it, the next time you go to use it, it’s not easy to get open, so with a little strength you get the bottle open, but you’ve broken the seal.  If you wipe your bottles down after each use with nail polish remover your polish will never get thick.


This one is pretty simple.  Any product that comes in a tube, when it’s not squeezing out anymore, cut it open.  If it’s something that you need to protect after it’s been cut open, put it in a ziplock baggie.  I get a month’s worth of extra product by just doing this simple hack.

Any beauty hacks that get you more bang for your buck?

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