Spatulas-Not Just For The Kitchen

For me, presentation is everything when it comes to products of all kinds.  Who hasn’t picked up a product simply because the container caught your eye? Packaging plays a large roll in every product line from how they are branded to how they sell their product to make the most money from it.  I’ve heard a lot of people saying that they don’t like to use a certain cream that comes in a pot and that they would prefer it in a tube instead.  Most don’t like the idea of sticking their fingers into their beloved cream time after time, and with good reason.

If your cream is made with essential oils the oils from your fingers can actually break down the essential oils in your products, taking away those powerful ingredients potency you want from your cream.  The most effective of ingredients, such as antioxidants are often the most unstable. Protecting them within their packaging and what amount of moisture, light, air or contaminants they are exposed to is going to preserve their effectiveness.   One solution to this is to use a spatula in your jarred products.  Another is to make sure your products are stored away in a medicine cabinet or other area that is not exposed to direct light.

There seems to be no reason why skincare companies choose to continue to use jars over other more sophisticated kinds of packaging other than the look.  If your favorite skincare products come in a jar, no need to fret.  Try and do your best to protect and preserve it, but if you’re not a fan of the jars, skip them.  Spend your money on something that comes in a more protected package and that you know is keeping those special ingredients you’re paying for stable.

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