My Winter Skin Savior

A few years ago I came across this product and it has been a must have ever since.  First, you can’t beat the price.  Prior to this I was buying body scrubs that were over $25 dollars and would be used sparingly due to the cost.  With this product you can use it daily without feeling like it will hurt your wallet.  The four things I love most about this product are:

  • it works
  • price point
  • time saver
  • simple ingredients

DSC_0043Any product that saves me time in my routine is a win.  After applying this product in the shower, you get out and towel yourself off and you can skip your body moisturizing step.  A little warning for anyone who gets into the shower after you is helpful though because it does contain oil and it leaves a slick on the shower floor.  We don’t want anyone breaking a hip over beauty.  Also I would advise not using this on a day where you are going to shave your legs.  It could burn a little.  If you’re okay with that, then go right ahead.  Beauty can be painful sometimes. So get to your nearest Trader Joe’s and stock up on this.  It’s absolutely worth it.

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