Now You Can Have it at Home

In every spa I worked at, it was predictable, as soon as fall would come around there would be some special on a pumpkin facial or a pumpkin peel.  They would charge you at minimum $45 or more as an add-on.  Here is an insider secret, SHHHH, just between us.  Spa owners can buy this product in bulk, around the same price as the PTR mask, and then add it on to a treatment at a high cost (see $45 above) and make a lot of profit off of that one container.  Now, you can have it at home and for much less (said in my best QVC host voice)!

There is a good reason that the peel is so effective.  It’s not touted as a popular ingredient as much as say, cucumbers or strawberries, but pumpkins like other fruits contain the same beneficial AHA’s.  They also contain Vitamin A and Vitamin C, which are antioxidants.  Another ingredient pumpkins contain is zinc.  Zinc is a mineral and is helpful to the skin, especially for acne, because it is anti-inflammatory.  All of this can be found in Peter Thomas Roth Pumpkin Enzyme Mask.  You would think at this point I am sponsored by PTR, but I am not, his products are just that good.  If your skin has taken a hit this winter, and your make-up is starting to look blotchy, this is your fix.  It gives your skin a fresh smooth template and also a good boost of nourishment to keep it looking healthy.

DSC_0046If you want to try it, without the initial shock of the cost, right now there is a special edition kit of three mini sized masks here.  They sold out the last time they offered it, so scoop it up while you can.  Have you tried a spa treatment that you wish you could have at home?

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