Spring Skincare and Beauty

Spring Skincare
First Aid Beauty and Liz Earle

After spending so much time focusing on hydrating the skin after a long winter, now it’s time to nourish.  I switched out my usual toner for one without the glycolic acid.  I love it for chemically exfoliating my skin, but I prefer to do that in the winter when my face is less exposed to the sun.  Now I am using Liz Earle’s Instant Boost Skin Tonic, which you can find on Birchbox.  Just a few of the main ingredients are aloe vera, cucumber, calendaula, chamomile, and vitamin E.  Vitamin E is a superstar because it’s a fantastic antioxidant.

I just started using First Aid Beauty’s Facial Radiance Pads and they absolutely live up to the hype.  I love how gentle they are, but very effective so you can swap out your daily toner for these once or twice a week and get an extra boost in your skin tone and brightness or you can use them alone as a treatment.

Spring Makeup Face
Hourglass | No Cosmetics | tarte | Real Techniques

I also switch my make up routine for the spring/summer weather.  Hourglass can do no wrong.  I have tried all of their foundations and though costly, absolutely worth it.  For the warmer months I am using the Immaculate Mattifying Oil Free Foundation.  This is superb foundation.  It’s creamy, but keeps me shine free without looking cakey or dry on the skin.  It feels smooth and very lightweight.  A new addition by No Cosmetics is No Dark Shadows.  I have never heard of this line before, but I just happened upon it while browsing and like the shade color “wow” it’s exactly how I feel about the coverage.  It’s silky, but lightweight and covers very nicely.  I will say that it can be somewhat drying so you might want to apply your eye cream either right before or a few layers thicker so it doesn’t look dry under your eye area.

MAC | Malin + Goetz | benefit | bareMinerals
MAC | Malin + Goetz | benefit | bareMinerals

Firstly, I have found an amazing lip balm (and I have tried everyone in the book) that doesn’t cost a fortune.  It actually keeps my lips hydrated all day, which I started to believe was nearly impossible.  It’s Malin + Goetz lip balm.  If you are like me and always on the search for a really nourishing lip balm, you have found it.  I even like this better than Bite Beauty’s Agave Lip Mask.

What do you do to change up your skincare and makeup routine for springtime?


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