Rice Powder Cleansers And Why You’ll Love Them

Anything that’s held up over decades is always going to produce results.  It sounds obvious, but most times we become desensitized to certain ingredients after seeing them on everything from hand sanitizer to facial wipes.  Some of the most common:

  • lavender
  • witch hazel
  • calendula
  • rosewater
  • shea

I’m sure you’re thinking of a few that didn’t make the list in your head right now.  One that I’ve always loved, and then forgot about, is rice powder.  My first time trying is was in Dermalogica’s Daily Microfoliant.  I used this daily in the morning because my skin loves exfoliation and it’s gentle on the skin.  What I love about rice powder cleansers is they give the skin the feeling of silk, which I have yet to come across in any other product I’ve tried.  It’s no wonder that the Geisha in Japan have been using it since a time period I can’t even comprehend.

BosciaIt has antioxidants and exfoliates in a way that doesn’t tear at the skin cells.  It can treat acne blemishes, pigmentation and control the oil in your skin.  Most recently I tried two more, Boscia Tsubaki Oil Infused Exfoliating Powder and Tatcha Polished Classic Rice Enzyme Powder.  Do yourself a favor and order the Tatcha right now, it’s amazing, you will fall in love with it.  I used it once and immediately ordered the full size (which I’m patiently waiting to arrive).

The Boscia is also a great one, if you use other products from their line and were thinking of trying it out I would definitely give it a go.  I’ve been using it in the interim everyday and it also leaves your skin with that silky feel.

Any rice powder skincare products you love?

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