The Many Joys of Monthly Box Subscriptions

IMG_0413It all started with Birchbox.  It was affordable, which was the number one influence in trying it out.  Every month when it would arrive I would get so excited to get it opened  and see what was inside.  I was very rarely disappointed.  That’s when I thought, what’s even better than this? Having more boxes come, more often.


Eventually I signed up to Frenchbox, Glossybox, Allure Beauty Bar, Petít Vour and boxy charm, my addiction grew rapidly.  Ranging in price from $10 to $25 I eventually canceled all except Birchbox.  Even so, there were still others I wanted to try, but didn’t because of the cost and also some fell below average for the amount.  They were: ipsy, New Beauty test tube, Lookfantastic and Popsugar Must Have.  If you want the information on all of these in one place go to  After a while I ended up with way too many samples (as if I thought that was even possible) some of which were fantastic and other’s not so much.  The other is that if you are trying too many new things on your skin it’s not always easy to tell what is working and what isn’t (breakouts, irritating, etc).  I thought if I was going to give every sample a fair shot, I needed to test one of each on it’s own.  If you are looking to make the switch to products that are chemical free and made without animal testing I HIGHLY suggest giving Petit Vour a chance.  It’s only $15 and allows you to try new products that you don’t find everywhere that you can be confident are made without chemicals.  If I was to add one back, that would be it. Do you have a monthly box you can’t bring yourself to cancel?


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