These Products Are Worth It

Tatcha Some people love when a good plan comes together, I love when a product actually works.  Have you every tried something that worked so well it instantly became a part of your everyday hair, makeup or skincare routine? I love it when that happens.  This past month I have found a few of those products.  The first one I talked about in one of my previous posts, the Tatcha Rice Enzyme Powder.  Have you gotten it yet, because you will love it?  They make a smaller size that is only $15, it is worth it.

The second one is a beauty product, it’s Smashbox 24 Hour Photo Finish Shadow Primer.  If you want your eye make up to Smashboxstay in place, anywhere from eyeshadow to liner, you need a primer.  This one feels creamy, don’t let the consistency fool you, it dries and holds things in place all day, no creasing.  If you’re looking for an amazing eyelid primer, this is the one.  Just to give you an idea, I tested quite a few before finding one that actually worked: Too Faced, benefit, urban decay, Smashbox Photo Finish and bare minerals.  All of them failed me.

iS Clinical Active SerumLastly, but definitely not least, iS Clinical Active Serum.  Wow, this stuff is insanely good.  It is very pricey, but you can get small samples sized bottles on eBay so you can see for yourself what I’m talking about.  I had a bad breakout a few weeks ago on an area of my cheek that had some acne scarring (pitting).  As the blemish went away it left hyper pigmentation behind that normally would take weeks to fade.  I used the Active Serum on it for a week and it not only cleared up the pigmentation, but the scarring had smoothed over.  The raised skin (pitting) from leftover acne scarring had gone.

If you do try it you will notice that the areas you are treating get very tough, like leather, and then the skin will start to peel revealing smoother skin underneath.  It works like a retina-a that is prescription strength. It contains AHA’s and mushroom extract to help with the hyper pigmentation.  I highly recommend using a daily exfoliator in the morning to help with the peeling and a good sunscreen either with your moisturizer or in your moisturizer to protect your skin.  I’ve been using the Tatcha in the morning and also the Clarins Multi Protection Sunscreen spf 50 which has been perfect.  I will be buying myself a full bottle despite the heavy price tag because as I said, I love it when a product actually works.


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