The One Week Topcoat You Should Own

Long before Shellac or gel manicures existed I had weekly clients and a secret for making a manicure last for one week with no chipping.  Part of that secret was the Hoof Lacquer Protein Treatment, the other is the application style.  Always make sure with the polish itself and with the topcoat to go over the tip of the nail.  I know Seche Vite is acclaimed as the number one topcoat, but it’s not as good.  The Hoof Lacquer also has the added bonus of not only being a topcoat, but also strengthening your nails.

DSC00322Another great option is the CND Vinylux Weekly Nail Polish.  They come in great colors and they definitely last a full week without all the fuss of special lights and you can remove them with regular nail polish.  With the Hoof Lacquer you can turn any polish into a week-long lasting color.  So if you’re in love with OPI or Essie polishes, you use this topcoat and it will make your polish last.

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