All About Samples And How to Get Them

Who doesn’t love a good bunch of samples? I have become a sample hoarder.  I have enough that I can actually box them up into three different categories:

  • cleansers
  • moisturizers/eye creams
  • masks

From the various monthly beauty boxes I was subscribed to, to my many Sephora orders and purchasing some on Poshmark and eBay I have crafted quite a collection.  Here are some of my tricks to getting samples (good sized ones too).


Evergreen Beauty Deals (July 15)If you shop on Sephora, become acquainted with  You know that you are always guaranteed the three free samples with every purchase, but you can also get deluxe sized samples with promotion codes.  You can find a whole list of these on, or if you click on the link in the Sephora icon (on the left) it will show you where you can also find some of these on their website.

Most of them require a minimum purchase price of either $25 or $35, but how could you spend less than that in Sephora anyway (question mark, but really a statement)? I actually prefer to buy anything I need from the website as opposed to in-store simply for the amount of sample swag I get with my purchase.  If you are not a Beauty Insider yet, you must join ASAP.  You build points with each purchase and they can be applied towards deluxe sized samples when you shop.  I usually add the three free samples, plus a deluxe sized sample with a code, PLUS more deluxe sized samples with my points.  They start at 100 points for each item, but I let my points build up and sometimes I can get as many as 4 additional items with my purchases.

eBay & Poshmark

Along with asking for samples at the counter or at the store itself you can usually find people selling their deluxe sized samples online through eBay or Poshmark.  I got this lot of Amore Pacific samples on Poshmark for under $20.  So if there is something you really want to purchase, but at a high cost, look online to see if you can find a sample size to try it out first.



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