October & November”Try Outs”

DSC_0037Whenever I watch youtube videos of my favorite bloggers and they do a monthly favorites video they always start off by saying “I can’t believe (whatever month it is) is already over.”  They’re right! However, they have a luxury that I do not, which is they get to spend all of their time blogging while I still have a 9-5.  I had to combine October and November since the time flew and here is what I tried and tested during those two months:


Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish

A classic cleanser and one that came to me through Birchbox.  I am so glad it did because I am completely addicted to using a hot cloth to cleanse my skin.  It makes every morning and night cleansing ritual feel like a spa treatment.

Glamglow Powermud Youthcleanse Treatment


iconIf you’re a fan of the masks like I am, you might want to give the cleansers a try.  Their price point isn’t high and it would seem the same ingredients from the masks, which are costlier, are in the cleansers as well.

iconDr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Peel 

So far this has been the reining peel for me.  I have a few others that I’ve tried that I’m putting in a separate review, but I will say this one surpassed the others for me.  This might not be for you if you have very sensitive skin.


My skin is pretty tough when it comes to treating it with chemical exfoliants and everything is in this peel.  Definitely check it out, you get two treatments for a very fair price.  If you’re skin needs a little something, a glow, a boost, a deep cleanse, this is your peel.

Origins Ginzing


I have tried the eye cream from this range and wasn’t impressed, but this mask actually did give my skin a little glow.  It’s a gel consistency and me personally, I’m not a fan of gels, eye gels, moisturizers or masks, so that’s my own bias that wouldn’t move me to purchase this, but if you’ve tried other things from the range and liked them, this would be good to add to your collection, or if you’re an Origins fan in general.

Korres Greek Yoghurt Foaming Cream Cleanser


iconI am really interested in this brand.  I’ve tried several things by them so far, and I’m never turned out by it.  This stuff is pure aromatherapy heaven.  The scent alone is a reason I want to use this day and night, but the cream cleanser that foams is amazing.  I have never come across a product like this yet, and when I do try this line out, and I will, this will be my first purchase.  Can you tell I really love this product? Typically cream cleansers are milky and they have a soft feeling to the skin that oily skinned people like myself don’t always favor, but this is that happy medium.  If you want to try out a cream cleanser and have oily skin I think you’ll love this.



Clarins Super Restorative Serum

I’ve tried this quite a few times and I’m always amazed by the results.  It is in the $80 range, but if you’re a Clarins fan and need something to really make a difference in your skin this stuff is perfect.  I would definitely purchase the full size of this item.  I also tried the eye cream, but wasn’t impressed with it.  The Super Restorative line overall are great products if you’re looking to make a change to your usual routine with Clarins.

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