Have You Tried An At Home Peel?

If you’re looking for an effective way to boost your skin tone, even out blotchiness, refine texture, lessen the appearance of fine lines, then you need to try at home peels.  They range in strength and price, but can be an affordable way to get impressive results from your skin without a trip to the dermatologist.

I have three different ones that I tried, all varying strengths and ingredients.  There was a clear winner for my skin type, which is oily and acne-prone, but I was able to still identify which ones would be best for skin types different from mine.

DSC00390Dr Dennis Gross alpha beta peel extra strength formula

iconThis was the clear winner for me.  I mentioned this in my October & November “Try Outs” and it does have everything in it from glycolic acid to retinol and even green tea.  You do feel a strong tingle, but nothing unbearable, just enough to give you that “it must be doing something” feeling.  These are also cruelty free, vegan, paraben free and phthalate free  if you’re starting to look at your skincare more carefully.  I would highly recommend trying these out.  You can get two treatments for $15 and it’s definitely worth it.


Peter Thomas Roth PROfessional Strength 40% Triple Acid Peel
iconI am a huge PTR fan, but my expectations were not met with this peel.  I thought with the “Professional Strength” title it would surpass the Dr Dennis Gross formula, but it did not.  However, in a long-term side-by-side comparison maybe the PTR would hold up, but both were two treatments each and a week apart.  Any skin type could use this and if you don’t enjoy the tingle or stingy feeling of other peels you will enjoy this one.



Korres Wild Rose Vitamin C Petal Peel
iconIf you want to know what it feels like to spread pink sweet smelling frosting on your skin then this is your peel, of course, minus the sugary stickiness.  For the texture and rose scent alone this peel was amazing.  It’s not an overwhelming rose scent like other products I’ve tried, it was sweeter.  This is great if you have sensitive skin or are on the dry side.  This will leave your skin feeling soft, but without the harshness of an acid peel.  In general, Korres has lovely products and are made from naturopathic remedies.  I recommend this line to those who want to try a skincare without all the chemicals or want a more natural line.


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