The New Acid Toner You’ll Want



For years, many years in fact, the only toner I swore by was Proactiv’s Revitalizing Toner.  That was until I met Biologique Recherche’s P50.  The reason my Proactiv toner was so beloved was because it contained glycolic acid.  For my skin type, it was a great way to tone the skin after cleansing (very important step) and treat it.  Since I’m acne-prone with oily skin the glycolic acid was an effective yet gentle exfoliant that kept my pores from becoming clogged, but also kept the surface of my skin smooth.


I had been trying to replace it for the last three years and was not successful in finding a suitable match.  That changed when I came across Carolin Hirons’ blog.  After reading about and featuring it in many of her skincare routine pictures on Instagram, afterwards I kept seeing this mysterious P50 product from a skincare line I’d never heard of everywhere.  After doing extensive research, I decided to spring for not only the toner, but the Masque Vivant as well.

This toner is good for any skin type.  It’s main function is to speed up the skin’s natural cell turnover, so I don’t think you would necessarily need this toner if you have normal skin and you’re 25 or under.  If you have acne, oily skin, or concerns with fine lines or wrinkles this is a superb addition to your routine.  You just want to be sure to use a toner afterwards because the P50 lowers the ph balance in your skin.  I was using the Rice Plant & Rosemary BioAffinity Skin Tonic by Pai and also used Tata Harper’s Hydrating Floral Essence.  I highly recommend adding this product to your routine.  They do make variations to it as well, P50 V and P50 W for varying skin types.


5 thoughts on “The New Acid Toner You’ll Want

  1. ohhh yes this is the one i was thinking of (from Instagram) 🙂 Good to know you still need a pH balancing toner (like my Obagi one). Maybe this can be subbed in for my Paula’s Choice 8% AHA Gel that I use post-toner, before moisturizer.


  2. Oh good this was the one I was thinking (from Instagram)! So it seems like it’s more like something I should replace my Paula’s Choice 8% AHA Gel rather than my Obagi pH balancing toner. I would cleanse, use that biologique formula, then the Obagi prior to moisturizer. Interestinggg!


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