Don’t Pick and Choose Your Skincare

I am not beyond spending hundreds on my skincare routine.  When Beautylish offered me the chance to try a brand that was on the high end with the added bonus of a paid for cleanser and toner I took it.  I hadn’t heard of Mila Moursi before, but the more I learned about her philosophy behind skincare I knew it was a perfect match.  The two items I purchased for the routine were the Refining Lotion and the Dual Action Serum.  After following this routine for six weeks I finally figured out what I had been doing wrong for so many years now.I use to know this very essential lesson, but over the years of experimenting and so many new product launches distracting me, I started my pick-and-choose habit with skincare.  Mila Moursi brought me back to using an entire product line and allowing the ingredients to work together and give you a greater payoff than using one heavy hitter with a few mediocre products combined.  The products are not strongly scented, which is great because you don’t need fragrance to make your products better.  In some cases it is the added fragrance that causes your skin to have a bad reaction to a product.  I have oily, acne-prone skin with large pores in the t-zone so these were the products that were recommended to me.  The routine I used consisted of:

  1. Cleansing Foam, a.m. and p.m.
  2. pH Balancing Toner, a.m. and p.m.
  3. Dual Action Serum, a.m. only
  4. Refining Lotion, p.m. only

After using the routine for six weeks (following the directions exactly as listed) I noticed my skin texture was the softest it has ever been, but that didn’t stop it from still getting the occasional breakout.  The Dual Action Serum acts like your moisturizer so you don’t need to use it with a separate moisturizer even though it’s labeled a serum.  Overall the quality of the products brought out the best in my skin.  I can see why the brand has a celebrity following.  The price tag is high, but at least you know you are getting hard working ingredients for the money you are paying out.


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