The Next Brand You’ll Want to Try

After my perspective-changing experience with the Mila Moursi line I decided that the best way for me to experience skincare products going forward is to use as many from the line as I can, which also lessens my chances of having reactions to certain ingredients without being able to tell which one of the products I’m testing is causing it. Pai had been on my list of brands I wanted to try and jumped to the top of my list for these three reasons 1.) the brands philosophy behind creating products for sensitive skin 2.) achieving that while still using natural ingredients and 3.) cruelty free.

DSC_0004I have so many good things to say about this brand that it’s hard to keep this post short.  There are a lot of great skincare brands out there now with superior natural ingredients.  The reason I went with Pai was because my skin tends to become irritated by potent essential oils even if they’re amazing for your skin.  Since Pai is targeted towards sensitive skin I knew I would be able to use their products without having a reaction.  On their website you can order a “Multi-Buy Offer” that is a “cleanse & tone starter kit.” You customize the products included in the kit based on your skincare concerns, which saves you money and the shipping is free.  I also used a discount code as a first time buyer, so I opted to add their Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil since I was saving so much on my purchase.  In total it came to $156.00 with free shipping.  The packaging is gorgeous and the products arrive in this very cute draw-string bag.DSC_0001

My kit included the Camellia & Rose Cleanser, Rice Plant & Rosemary BioAffinity Tonic and their Geranium & Thistle Rebalancing Day Cream.  Since my skin is oily, those are the products recommended for my skin type, but as I said you can customize to your own needs.  The cleanser, even being a cream consistency was very effective, but left your skin feeling nice and soft as opposed to dry and stripped and it removed my makeup perfectly.  The toner, or tonic, was refreshing and nourishing to the skin.  The day cream was the perfect density, not too thick or thin, and it didn’t leave a sticky residue.


The rosehip oil is full of omegas which is great for your skin, if you’re going to walk away with one product from this line it should be this.  I haven’t used a lot of rosehip oil products myself, this was my first, but the general consensus is that it’s very popular for being the best out there.  I’ll insert a review here from another blogger that I like to follow.  Without being able to compare it to anything else I can’t confirm that, but I did love this product and would keep it in rotation.


Bottom line, I would use this product line again and definitely will.  I recommend it to everyone who is looking to make the switch to natural skincare and also those who have sensitive skin.


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