The Truth About Pore Size

The advertisers love to promote the idea that you have the power to shrink your pore size.  Before you spend another cent on buying into this myth let me save you the trouble. “You cannot change your pore size no matter how expensive the product.” I don’t want to dash your hopes completely so I… Continue reading The Truth About Pore Size

The Blank Canvas

How do you prep your skin for all of that lovely make-up? Most blogs focus on the beauty that goes on after your skincare routine, but I’m interested in the blank canvas.  It may seem simple, but it can be as simple or as complicated as your needs are or as you want it to… Continue reading The Blank Canvas


Welcome to Percy & Peaches.  I am so inspired to be using my knowledge and passion for skincare with you gals (and guys). There is a lot of misinformation out there and my hope for you is that you will be able to use this site to answer all of your skincare questions and to… Continue reading Welcome