January “Try Outs”

Since my new approach to skincare is using the entire line, I’ve been trying out more masks, exfoliators and eye creams while keeping the basics the same.  My search for the perfect mask for when my skin is breaking out is still underway, but I might have found my eye cream and exfoliator which I’ll talk… Continue reading January “Try Outs”

The Clay Mask And Why It’s a Classic

My oily/acne-prone skin just loves a good clay mask.  Here’s a tip: In the summer months when the skin gets extra oily, you can use your favorite clay mask as a cleanser. GLAMGLOW capitalized on this by creating a spin off of their favorite masks and created these cleansers.  I have had them on my wish… Continue reading The Clay Mask And Why It’s a Classic

How To Pop A Pimple (the right way)

Don’t poke, pop or play around with your pimples.  That’s the advice you always get from magazine articles, your aesthetician and dermatologists and they’re right, but we all know sometimes you just can’t resist.  The reason it’s best to just leave it alone is because you can scar your skin if not done properly.  And… Continue reading How To Pop A Pimple (the right way)