October & November”Try Outs”

DSC_0037Whenever I watch youtube videos of my favorite bloggers and they do a monthly favorites video they always start off by saying “I can’t believe (whatever month it is) is already over.”  They’re right! However, they have a luxury that I do not, which is they get to spend all of their time blogging while I still have a 9-5.  I had to combine October and November since the time flew and here is what I tried and tested during those two months:

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Spring Skincare and Beauty

Spring Skincare
First Aid Beauty and Liz Earle

After spending so much time focusing on hydrating the skin after a long winter, now it’s time to nourish.  I switched out my usual toner for one without the glycolic acid.  I love it for chemically exfoliating my skin, but I prefer to do that in the winter when my face is less exposed to the sun.  Now I am using Liz Earle’s Instant Boost Skin Tonic, which you can find on Birchbox.  Just a few of the main ingredients are aloe vera, cucumber, calendaula, chamomile, and vitamin E.  Vitamin E is a superstar because it’s a fantastic antioxidant.

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Is Your Skin Sensitive or Variable?

Sensitive vs. Variable Almost every client that I’ve had in my chair would say they had sensitive skin.  Given the amount of things that we use on our skin on a daily basis that cause us to break out, get blotchy, itch or burn, not to mention what we rotate in and out of our routine, I would argue that more skin types are variable.  There are people with truly sensitive skin, but most likely your skin is temperamental based on other factors. Continue reading “Is Your Skin Sensitive or Variable?”