The Next Brand You’ll Want to Try

After my perspective-changing experience with the Mila Moursi line I decided that the best way for me to experience skincare products going forward is to use as many from the line as I can, which also lessens my chances of having reactions to certain ingredients without being able to tell which one of the products I’m testing is causing it. Pai had been on my list of brands I wanted to try and jumped to the top of my list for these three reasons 1.) the brands philosophy behind creating products for sensitive skin 2.) achieving that while still using natural ingredients and 3.) cruelty free.

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The $5.95 Honest Company Free Trial

Honest Co. Trial In Box

It’s no secret that people are starting to look at what they are putting, not only in their body, but on it, more selectively.  There’s been quite an influx of really good product lines putting out skincare and makeup that are all natural, cruelty free, organic, non-toxic etc.  Where I trained to be an esthetician we used the Yonka product line.  The benefits of getting to know natural ingredients and their strengths in-depth was something that really shaped my outlook on how you treat your skin.

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